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Marilyn M WardDistrict ManagerPort St Lucie, FL  34987
Phone: 772-380-5576
Phone: 772-345-2216
Fax: 772-345-2218

We put you first.

  • Unlimited freedom, income and happiness.
  • The best lead generation and distribution system in the industry.
  • Unbelievable training and mentorship by the company's best performers.
  • Amazing agent support and marketing materials to help you build your business.
  • We help you to maximize every ounce of passion in you and drive you towards your goals.
Barry ClarksonSecretary & Treasurer - Leadership Development Director of NAA
In my 28 years in this business, no one has been more surprised than myself at the rapid success our agents and managers have experienced the last 6 years. Combining quality leads with quality agents was the formula NAA used to write over 100 million in life business its 4th year after inception.
Shawn MeaikeThe thing I like the best about NAA is the fact that they do so much for families. I feel so good about what I do every day. I am truly making a difference in people's lives.
Alex T Fitzgerald Andy once looked at me and said, "Hey, bo. This is how we are going to live the rest of our lives." He was right, we have. And it's just the beginning...
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